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Lekki 8 Carbon Brake Calipers

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The Lekki 8, weighing in at 129 grams per set (68 grams front, 61 grams rear) is the latest brake from Ciamillo Components after 3 years of development. Ciamillo has introduced what is debatably the world's lightest carbon hybrid brake. With the Lekki 8 there is also no fear of galvanic corrosion associated with many carbon-aluminum products as each aluminum surface is anodized so it's non-conductive.

Each Lekki 8 caliper set takes approximately a day to build due to the complex nature of construction and testing protocol ensuring it's stunning performance and visuals match up to the artisan quality Ciamillo is known for.The Lekki 8 will be produced in limited quantities so get yours before it is gone! 

EDIT (07/10/18): A great and honest write up of Ted Ciamillo and the latest Lekki 8 long reach brakeset. Click on the link to read the review -


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