Resolution for 2018 (Pending)

Resolution for 2018 (Pending)

Resolutions. I do not think I have ever made any resolutions, let alone keep them. Ok. I have made resolutions, just not very good with seeing them through. 

I was just saying to my wife in the afternoon that maybe I should have a resolution for 2018, maybe I should do a race. She burst out laughing like she was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. She said she needed to record the moment of me talking about doing a race for 2018. I told her I would raise her, put this on the blog and make it official. Sigh

I am NOW thinking real hard and long about it, thinking about which race I could attempt (and not die trying). Here are some of the things I am looking out for in the race:

1) Distance: something not too easy if not it was not point getting out of bed for; but also something not too long, which I would dread training for. 

2) Time to train till race day: a race date that would give me sufficient time to train to be slightly decent in it. 

3) Multi-sport or just a running race? 

Which race should this average joe here be attempting? What are your resolutions for racing this coming 2018? Leave a comment for me and let me know what you guys think.

PS. And please do not try to kill me by telling me to do an Ironman. 

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