Races for 2018

Races for 2018

And I have decided.


After my last post before the New Year, I have given a lot of thought into deciding which races are more suitable for me right now (taking my fitness level, or the lack of it into consideration). I have also read the comments on Facebook and Instagram (including the comment asking me to try KONA, you know who you are) and have decided to focus on these two races: 


TRI-Factor 2018 - Triathlon Sprint

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2018 - Half marathon


Honestly I am NOT really looking forward to these 2 race because they are going to be tough. I have hardly done a race a whole year and now I have set these two races in my sights. These 2 races might seem easy for most of you but it is technically back to basic training for me. Now, it is time to properly plan and train for these 2 races.


Follow me on this journey as I share with you the training and the equipment that I will be using to help get me to the finish line of these races. Oh wait. It is more like let us hope that I make it to the starting line (for those of you who do not know, I have missed races from waking up late)!


Time to sign up for these races!

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