Race Day/Equipment Checklist

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Race Day/Equipment Checklist

You spend countless hours training and much resources on your equipment just so you can have the perfect race on race day. The race starts and off you go! You had the best swim of your life and go in and out of T1 with the leaders. 10km into the bike leg, you reach down to your top tube for your energy gel and guess what - to your horror, you had forgotten about your nutrition!

Sounds familiar? Maybe not but we here at swimbikerunjoe have had our fair share of disasters! 

Do not let such mistakes affect your race that you had trained so hard for. It had happened to Coach Joe on his first race. He was having a pretty good swim and got out with the chasing pack. When he reached down to his top tube for his energy gel and realised that it was not there, he went "NOOOOO!!!" (actually, there were more expletives than just the no). When it came to the run he was just struggling and was running on an empty tank.

Ever since then, Coach Joe had come up with his own race packing list that accompanied him whenever he was packing for a race. Coach Joe hopes it would help you as much as it did for him. Sharing is caring. Click here for the checklist. 

Feel free to add on to the list as it is not exhaustive. For those of you who already have you own checklist, good for you. For those of you who do not have it, you may like to print it out, laminate it and bring it with you on your races!


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